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NOCA stands for NO CArbonation.

Despite its seemingly simplistic name, its founding has much deeper, complex roots. Well, not really. Simply put, THE WORLD'S BEST SPIKED WATER DIDN'T EXIST. The traditional choices for non-carbonated spiked beverages were sugary, complicated, or just too heavy. And the lighter, carbonated hard seltzer beverages weren’t as promised. Still too bloaty!

So, the founders went to work. Spending countless hours researching, developing, testing and asking friends what THEY wanted to drink.

Their MISSION: to craft a smooth, refreshing beverage without compromise – one without the bloaty side effects of bubbles!

They searched for the purest ingredients and sourced simple, natural flavors, ensuring that each can was balanced with just a hint of fruit. No Bubbles. No artificial flavors. Just 95 calories and 4.5% Alc./Vol.

They returned to our friends as heroes with NOCAs in hand. The feedback? They were on to something BIG. Clean, simple, and refreshing. At last, NOCA was born.

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